Brain Health for LifeCan Alzheimer’s be prevented?

Alzheimer’s affected over 5 million people in the United States in 2014, a number expected to triple by 2050.

Growing evidence suggests that diet and lifestyle can affect the brain and impact cognitive aging. In Brain Health for Life you will learn how foods affect your brain and how exercise and simple lifestyle changes can protect your cognitive functioning. Brain Health for Life: Beyond Pill, Politics and Popular Diets will explain:

  • How the current food supply and environment is making you sick
  • How misinformation and outdated medical practices are hurting you
  • How the brain and body work together to promote overall health
  • How nutritious food and regular exercise can protect your brain
  • How to avoid inflammation, a source of dementia and preventable diseases
  • How simple lifestyle changes can enhance your brain health

In clear language and based on the latest scientific information, Brain Health for Life will give you the information you need to be strong, vibrantly healthy, and intellectually sharp throughout your life.

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What Professionals are saying about Brain Health for Life

A thoroughly researched “eye opener” that challenges old beliefs about what we eat…finally a practical guide to brain and overall health. A must read.

Dr. George A. Ulbrich, Chiropractic Physician

Unger has created a comprehensive resource for people who want to take charge of their brain’s health and keep their minds sharp as they age.

—Richard and C.R. Zwolinski, PsychCentral

… a concise resource for those looking to thwart cognitive decline and the numerous health challenges most Americans face today.

—Dr. Kate Wiggin, ND

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