Prepared talks tailored to specific audiences addressing issues related to brain health.
Example: The importance of exercise in maintaining brain health (30 – 60 minutes).

Ten minutes to one hour interviews on topics in the book.
Example: How digestion impacts brain health.

Meetings for discussion or training on elements of brain health.
Example: How food choices affect brain health (2 – 6 hours).

Presenting in depth material on brain health including group discussions and developing personal plans for improving brain health.
Example: How to improve brain function through diet and lifestyle changes.  (4 – 7 hours).

Written materials from 250 to 1500 words on topics related to brain health.
Examples: “How exercise improves brain health – at any age” and  “Nutrition and Mental Health” from Total Health Magazine.

Curriculum Development
Developing curriculum for training.
Example: “How to improve your cognitive functioning and maintain a healthy brain throughout your lifespan” including training content and instructions for presenting the content.

Program Development
Materials development and plan for incorporating information and activities into a program structure.
Example: A training program with mental health clients (two hours per week for six weeks) for improving food choices and increasing exercise.